Wednesday, February 15, 2017


This post may be politically incorrect. See my sign.
America has to get back to God.  Or as the founding fathers said "Providence".  Providence is that great big comptroller that influences our world.

The 'Don' AKA President Trump is in the oval office doing things his way.  I like this.  As a self made billionaire, No one in DC can think his way.  My thoughts is that President Trump will do a few good things for America.  Maybe 1 or 2 super things a year.  I don't mind since as a Libertarian, I still fill the need to offer my leadership to the Republic of America.  Thus Vision 2020.

Lets play science; the problem with Higgs Boson.

Hey what is letting us go from Earth to Pleiades system in such a short time.  I was told that the faster a body goes the more mass it gains due to the Higgs -Boson particles making mass and making our ship heavier. But a few things had to change.  Not the formula but our perspective.  

Lo and behold the concept of traveling 'In a Warp Field.'
I do not know if you remember the Disney movie called the "Explorers",  this
was a scienced down version of the warp field, in this case, a "Warp Bubble."
The precept is that this young man was able to use his computer to make
and move a bubble of sorts. Through a playing with his bubble, he learned that he could move it by inputting directional codes.  
Pretty cool. 

Being in a "Warp Field", is a way cool idea.  In the warp field, the ships mass is 
separated from the space it is in.  Traveling in the field allows any particles to well slide off.  Now your ship is surfing through the cosmos.  Beats the heck out of solid fuel rocketry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lets start here today.

Since I probably won't be America's next President but I will go to work vitalizing Concept E-3..."Nature Restored."

Concept E-3 isabout you and I ( it is true I pick up a lot of trash.)  Working together tosolve our environmental problems.  Local in activity, global in vision.

Later I will start writing grants request to launch "Cash for Trash" (r) .

Cash for Trash is asocialinitiativewhere we help out people with substance abuse issues by giving them a job to do and an incentive to do it, cash money paid daily.   
visit  Let's get started today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Libertarian, worker, activist... Steven Childs for President

So where do we go from here.  Members of Islam keep killing innocents by the droves. The world tells America to do something then bitches when we do. How about Sovereign contraction.  Instead of America "Putting herself out there", maybe we should focus just on our shores and 250 nautical miles out from our shorelines.   Then we can get our house in order.  Make sure all of our surface waters are clean, that many more people produce food on small family farms, and that we have our cars and trucks converted to use natural gas as a transportation fuel too.  Did I forget to mention, remember that, "This Republic was Founded on the "Understanding" that there is a Sovereign "GOD" , that rules in the affairs of..all..mankind??

We threw God out of our schools, our places of government, and out of our courts.  Then we say, "WE", will rebuild America.  Let me ask this how is it that a nation of what 250,000,000 souls at the time enjoyed 95% of all of the luxury goods produced in our world?  Were we or are we (USA), blessed?  By some "Divine".. Providence.

If not  did America become the economic and military super power  of our own accord.  If so what happened. Where is the nuclear family of the industrial era.  Where one parent, useually dad earned the income, Mom took care of the household affairs.  We all got to sit down to dinner  together, and talk.  Talk about our days, cry about our problems, brag about our victories.  We used to freely get and give hugs and kisses from our family.  Why is now 1% of all Americans control a huge 45% of American wealth.  The middle class nuclear family is gone. Some folks still make big bucks $100,000 per year which buy the sameas $10,000 per year bought in the 70's.  

...You don't believe me.  In 1972 you could go to McDonalds get ahamburger, fries, and a coke for $1.00 and still get change back.  Fill your truck up $6.00 and buy a shopping cartload of groceries ( the standard ones), for $20. Oh yeah one of our parents took care of preparing the meals and taking care of the children and we said things like "Please?", "May I?", Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir.   Get the picture.  In the 50's, 60's, 70', and for some of the 80's public schools were not war zones, they were safe places for our children to go and learn.

....Today,we have lost this.  For what ?  The why is simple, we stopped honoring the"Unknown God on Mars Hill in Grecia."  As noticed bythe Apostle Paul, or was it Peter?  Look it up in that family Bible.  It is okay to pick it up, blow off the dust and open it (That Bible). If you chose to read it...  It just mightchange your life.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Being America's 45th US President.

This is about my platform that is under construction.
 3 planks are intertwined.
Fresh water security; energy security; food security.
I had visited a fisherie and a museum in my a recent trip in the North West of America. I saw some huge power genertaing damns.  Many wind turbines.  I even spoke with an electrical lineman about his job, building farm to grid distribution of electrical power.  Much of which is done underground.  This is more secure and cost effective than stringing HVDC/HVAC lines on huge electric poles.  I am glad to say that the RE sector has improved a lot.  Back in the 1980's when wind turbines were like the newest thing, many where put up everywhere.  No attention was paid to how these may harm avarian (bird) life.  TGhe environmental impact was not even thought of.  Not anymore.  Much more planning is involved and steps are taken to protect birds as well as to minimize impact on ,animal habitat., in these areas where wind is found in abundance.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

We die,then what?

My, (our) Mom left our Sphere of life June 4, 2015 at 1605.

Now what?   Some people are allwed to see into the realm of Spirit.
I never met my grandfather Vernon L. _______ but When Mom "gave up the ghost" I saw my grandfather not as the old toothless guy that was with us when my Sister was born.  I saw an attractive healthy looking man, brown hair, well groomed moustache.  He had his hand around Mom's waist while standing on her right side.  Mom was looking at us all grieving her passing. I felt better about this.  Now back in 1976 (our)  Mom married our step father.  J.T.was a mans mans.  I can't say he was a 'good' man. Mom needed JT and JT needed Mom.

A couple of days ago I was sitting with Mom when JT, or rather the entity that was using JT's image as him.  The JT imposter was seducing Mom, (Seducing Spirit)  I had talk with him and say "No, No, No you can't have her yet.  Then it is all about praying to God when you have something of a Spiritual Nature to deal with.  That night Mom chose to hang with the Evil Influence, Fortunately when we are living and "Standing in the Gap" praying for the dying person.

The next morning Mom was mean spirited and combattive.  Really to weak to move much.   Then later that day she looked at me and in the sweetest, most loving voice she said, Steve.   Last night June 3rd, 2015, I saw a big fiel above Moms Death bed, there were so many people.  This ?imagined vision? had these people standing up fully dressed  and well waiting for Mom.  My Sister is the family tree person, I could see everyone just find.  Clothing they wore and bodies hair color and all of this just fine.  Of course these ?Images, or Visions?, are subjective to our filters. If you read The Holy Bible all of them Angels showing up had looked likea humanoid we could relate to.

While Mom was dying I said to her,"You are closer to Heaven ( and Hell,<more softly>) than I am now", What do you see.  Of course she couldn't say anything .
Still this experience of being with a dying Parent is a path I have never walked on.   So my question is for the deceased is "What is Next?".  For those of us still alive, today we can grieve.  Tomorrow back to living.  We have jobs to do, bills to pay.  A shout out to my sister and her very supportive husband (He get's his wife back.)   She had a great Memorial Day cookout for all of us living folk.
Well thats all for now.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Angels,Demons, God, Man

Angels of their nature are messengers of the Godhead.  Fallen Angels are really Angelic beings that chose to live amongst men.  Not "Demons."   Demons however are the malevolent spirit or ether bodies of deceased humans.  Human souls having been unbound by their deaths, yet too much anger to leave.

These angry Spirits are those that lose their humanity and instead of approaching divinity they are of a more negative energy.  These energies are intelligent though and are able to produce poltergeist effects.  We who for whatever reason are contacted by angels and malevolent entities alike. This leads me to postulate the indescribable 'GOD'. Whose love like gravity is the great attractor. Remember with God in the throne room there had been a "dark Angel" called Satan El.  meaning that God the creator has a ShaitanEl as a detroyer.  This is a duty not just a name.  In the Holy Bible many time the statement "Satan and The Devil" is made with no corespondance with Lucifer the Morning Star.  There is however a phrase where God identifies himself as The Bright Morning Star.  And Yeshua, Immanyuel, God in Man is identified as Daystar.  There is a lot of significance here.